4x4 Safari Pro 1.3


What happens in front of you is only half the story.

80% Off New Release SALE! You control the jeep, you stop and hunt at anytime, what happens in front of you is only half the story.


➤ Explore Play - Roam Freely without coins.
➤ More Animals than other games: 11 Animals :-
Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Zebras, Rhinos,
Doves, Reedbucks, Monkeys, Wildebeests,
Meerkats, and Crocodiles.
➤ Unlock 4 New Animals & Elephant gun.
➤ Stunning Full 360 degrees deep visuals.
➤ 3 Game modes as you drive through Lake,
Oasis, Canyon and Suvannah Environments.
➤ Powerful Zoom Scope/Bullet Tracking those
Deadly accurate WOW kills.
➤ Unlock 11 Trophies
➤ Realistic True 3D arcade Hunting Simulation.
➤ Original authentic Safari Soundtrack/Sounds.
➤ Addictive intense non-stop action game-play.

Watch Game in Action Video on YouTube Link:

Plus so much more...

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